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LoveSick puts a twist on the ‘illness’ of unrequited romantic love by exploring the emotional terrain of attachment, in particular that born from anxiety. I chose the Octopus as the analogous hero of this series. An octopus’s heightened intelligence, it’s tenacity to latch onto things and amorphous adaptability aptly coincide with the loaded imagery of the pastel bathtubs, as they become both a boundary and a birthplace for these alien creatures.

I was also drawn to the romantic mythology surrounding the deep sea dwelling cephalopod Kraken and its associated crytozoology that further alludes to the consuming nature, subversive characteristics and misconceptions of mental illness. My research into the Norse mythology of the Kraken revealed this creature had initially been given taxonomic classification by Carl Linnaeus in the first edition of Systema Naturae. Its scientific name was microcosmus marinus, but was omitted from later editions of the book.

Through LoveSick, I wanted to touch on a dark and personal experience through surreal and contrasting imagery. I wanted to make something striking, beautiful and at the same time curious. I want these images to suggest much more than what inspired them. I wanted to write a visual love letter to my own personal Kraken.

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