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Cinematography collaboration with artist Gabriella Hirst. I shot the 'motion picture paintings' along the Darling River Basin to echo the iconic colonial landscape paintings by the likes of Eugene von Guérard, John Glover, Conrad Martens, Nicholas Chevalier, Ludwig Becker, as well as WC Piguenit.


Darling Darling
Two Channel Video installation, 25:33

Darling Darling is a video work considering hierarchies of care and colonial ideologies of capture. One film depicts the drought-affected land and waterways of the Darling River Basin, (the Traditional Lands of the Barkindji), a region devastated by climate change, drought and colonial extraction, whilst the second channel depicts the meticulous conservation of a prized painting of this very same waterway, preserved for posterity within the climate-controlled environment of the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney) since its acquisition in 1890. These two films, depicting vastly different treatments of the same body of water, are projected simultaneously onto opposite sides of a single screen, so that the sounds of both pristine museum and dehydrated riverbed interrupt and leak into one another within the gallery installation space.

Darling Darling was filmed with the cultural guidance of Barkindji Elder, artist and activist Uncle Badger Bates.

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